How to choose best preschool curriculum


Choosing the best preschool curriculum can be quite complicated. Parents want best of education for their toddlers which makes them seek a preschool in their neighborhood that should be able to provide the perfect curriculum. Now a day, it has become a norm for parents to get their kids admitted in top preschools. Considering the fact that preschools focus on every aspect of child’s development, it is but natural for parents to seek the best nursery or preschools. Age of entering preschool or learning at home varies depending upon individual child. Some children show clear signs of emotional and cognitive development when they are as young as three. An ideal curriculum for preschoolers should reflect the age and cognitive/emotional development of the child.

A preschool prepares child for kindergarten. It is often assumed that a child entering kindergarten will already have developed relatively good social skills. He should also be able to identify the numbers and alphabets. This is a significant change in early childhood education as previously, these things were supposed to be taught in kindergarten. From that perspective, curriculum standards in preschools have definitely improved.

Preschool curriculum in India is designed on specific approaches. For instance, at some places, curriculum is free-form and allows the child to do what he wants to do on a particular day whereas in some other preschools, curriculum follows specific, teacher led schedule. Parents need to decide what structures they want the preschool curriculum to be. It has been observed that some children have better chances of excelling in a structured early childhood curriculum while some prefer it in a free-form. Parents should be aware of learning ability and inclination of their child.

Early childhood development is conditioned to how much individual attention child seeks. In some preschools, a child receives all the help from his teacher which also means he receives complete attention. But in some of the major preschools, teachers do not have that much time to spend with each and every child and kids are left on their own to explore and figure things out by themselves. Both methods are correct so it will boil down to parents’ choice and how your child will learn best.

Some of the other factors parents can consider while choosing best preschool curriculum for their children are, play-based or academic-based syllabus, proximity of the school, teaching and learning philosophy of the preschools and individual ability and interest of the child.