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Our expert team of Preschool Consultants offer complete pre-school set up solutions and services from preschool curriculum – all within your budget to start a preschool in India. Our list of satisfied customers include Zee Learn Ltd, Integrated Childcare Pvt Ltd, Thinking Caps, J.B. Petit high school & others ….

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intcontentpicPreschool education has gained rapid popularity in last few years. In fact, the concept of early childhood education has witnessed a massive paradigm shift. Reasons behind this change include, rising awareness about education and busy lifestyles of parents in urban areas.

We offer curriculum development: From pre nursery to Our curriculum covers six broad areas of development: Language Development, Mathematical Understanding, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development, Personal Social Emotional (PSE) Development and Creative Development.

These goals serve as a developmentally appropriate reference and are used as a guide while maintaining flexibility to cater for individual children’s capabilities and needs.

2. Mother Toddler program for children between 9 months and 2 years of age: Our mother toddler program again is designed to help the young mothers understand their child’s needs of socialisation and help them develop their skills while playing.

3. Early Childhood Teacher training program (E.C.C)/ Nursery teacher training program:
launching this year . aimed towards training students to become pre primary or early childhood teachers. A 7 months full time certificate course, which includes both theory and practicum. Theory lectures will be held thrice a week for 3 hours and practicals twice a week for three hours in a school assigned by our institute. We also plan to start a one year diploma course in Early Childhood Education depending on the response we get.

4.Day Care center curriculum: Also plan curriculum for those who want to start their own day care centers.

5. Teaching aids: Provide educational teaching aids that support the curriculum. eg- dominoes letter flash cards, number charts, puppets, etc

6. Cd for Pre schools: Deal in Cd’s which are rich in content suitable to pre schools. right from rhymes, stories to games and other activities. these Cd’s are assessed by us and then supplied to a pre school as we are very particular about the content that the child should be viewing and the spoken English. For more details, feel free to contact us on +91.9820032921. Ms Geeta Punjabi.

Importance of good curriculum in preschool education : Most of the parents are working and are unable to provide teaching time to their kids. Such parents look for quality preschools where their child could get proper early childhood education. The quality and standard of a preschool is very much defined by its curriculum design & curriculum syllabus. Preschool curriculum greatly affects the all round development of the child. Good preschool curriculum maintains a fine balance between arts and crafts and fun hands-on activities. Considering the particular needs and requirements of early childhood curriculum, most of the top preschoolers have professionally designed curriculum.

An ideal preschool or nursery curriculum in India fulfills all the need and requirements of toddlers. Because of the early age of preschoolers, curriculum includes a varied mix of reading, preschool worksheets, writing and math exercises along with colorful fun preschool activities. Such set of scales help children in learning and developing their skills in all the fields. Children are quite fascinated by playful activities and colorful objects. Adequate attention is provided to inclusion of light playful movements. It proves helpful in developing social skills in the children. A proper preschool curriculum development focuses on developing motor skills of the kids.

Daycare curriculum or nursery school curriculum essentially includes games that are not too tiring for children as too much of physical plays can exhaust kids. It is important to keep children fresh so that their interest in learning can be maintained throughout. There is no heavy approach of teaching as children will learn better only if lessons are taught in a fun way. Preschool teachers focus on exercises on numbers, colors and identifying objects. These are must-have exercises in a preschool curriculum for developing child’s cognitive skills.

A perfect preschool or kindergarten curriculum has fun group games, songs, poems, worksheets, creative art activities and crafts. This way, child is encouraged to develop his creative side. Good curriculum for preschoolers is instrumental in all round development of the child which proves very crucial in his future life.

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