Legal formalities for starting a play school in India

The economic progress made by India over the last couple of decades has created many business opportunities. It has also led to increased social awareness due to growth of telecom, internet and social media. The latent demand for quality education is now fully into the open with people of all strata seeking to educate their children to the best of their ability.

The Right to Education Act in 2009 has made it mandatory for all children from 6-14 years of age to be provided free education. Though children 0-6 years do not fall under this ambit, Section 11 mandates that all governments in different States will have to create conducive environment, infrastructure to provide free education for preschool children as well.

Procedures have been made simple for starting playschool in India

Given the above background, the procedure for starting a play school in India is not a very cumbersome one. The governments in all States are making it easier for any entrepreneur or social activist to set up such schools as long as basic legal formalities are met.

While there is no specific legislation necessary to be satisfied, each State may have its own Private School Education Act procedures that need to be considered. These may involve registration, licensing formalities to be completed.

If the preschool is going to use Municipal land, then the corresponding formalities towards application and registration of that land as well as the payment of fees have to be completed. For example, in Maharashtra, you need to register the preschool under the Maharashtra Preschool Centers Act of 1996. In Tamil Nadu, however, it is the District Elementary Educational Officer responsible for approving the setting up of the play school along with other formalities.

What you should be ready with for starting playschool in India

Legal formalities notwithstanding, you need to be ready with the following when you approach the necessary authorities for approval.

  • A business plan that indicates the number of children the school would be catering to.
  • The location, infrastructure along with all safety requirements that would be complied with.
  • Whether it is a full time, part time school.
  • What are the activities planned for the children?
  • What is the teacher to child ratio?
  • Is it a profit or nonprofit venture?
  • The curriculum that is going to be followed.


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