ECCE – Early childhood education curriculum framework india

Global research has proved conclusively that human mental development is at its peak during first 6 years of life. The objective of ECCE or the early childhood education curriculum framework India is to facilitate an environment that fosters this belief. It seeks involvement of teaching faculty as well as parents during the initial 2.5 years when learning is not very formally structured. We offer customized curriculum development of under early childhood education curriculum framework india

Since the roles of teacher and parents are well defined there is no scope for confusion. The child is exposed to learning both at the center and at home. Parents feel proud and satisfied that they have contributed equally to the growth and mental development of their child.

Focus of this curriculum framework

It is clearly oriented towards better learning and achievement of results arising out of the learning imparted. There are other components like nutrition and healthcare that are ensured through cross references. The aim is to facilitate the overall development of the child and optimize ability to reach full potential. Physical and mental development of the child is central to the objectives of the program.

The program emphasizes on the achievement of the following:

  • Help the child to develop a positive self image
  • Develop and boost physical, muscular and motor skills
  • Impart basic life skills for adequate social adjustment
  • Augment verbal as well as non verbal communication skills
  • Facilitate usage of all five senses along with cognitive skills and other concepts

necessary for reasoning and higher thinking.

  • Imbibe social values, manners that are relevant within the socio cultural milieu and stimulate sensitivity to rights of others
  • Foster independence, appreciation for creative pursuits by enabling self expression and exploration of ideas and experimentation
  • Assist in the seamless transition to primary level from preschool and make the child school ready so that the child does not become overawed by the situation.

It is well known that the process of learning and discovery begins from infancy when the child wants to touch, shake and taste things. This curiosity is tapped into by this program to effectively stimulate learning through the process of play and experimentation. The program provides adequate opportunities for children to learn through self exploration. They experience the thrill of problem solving as well leading to greater self confidence.

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