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Preschool Curriculum Developers in India:
43 Demonte Street, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050. India.
Mobile: +91- 982003 2921


We also offer International Preschool curriculum.

We offer the following services to pre schools:
1. curriculum development: From pre nursery to Sr. kg Our curriculum covers six broad areas of development: Language Development. Mathematical Understanding, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development, Personal Social Emotional (PSE) Development and Creative Development. These goals serve as a developmentally appropriate reference and are used as a guide while maintaining flexibility to cater for individual children’s capabilities and needs.

2. Mother Toddler program for children between 9 months and 2 years of age: Our mother toddler program again is designed to help the young mothers understand their child’s needs of socialisation and help them develop their skills while playing.

3. Early Childhood Teacher training program (E.C.C)/ Nursery teacher training program: launching this year . aimed towards training students to become pre primary or early childhood teachers.A7 months full time certificate course, which includes both theory and practicum. Theory lectures will be held thrice a week for 3 hours and practicals twice a week for three hours in a school assigned by our institute. We also plan to start a one year diploma course in Early Childhood Education depending on the response we get.

4. Day Care center curriculum: Aiso plan curriculum for those who want to start their own day care centers.

5. Teaching aids: Provide educational teaching aids that support the curriculum. eg- dominoes letter flash cards, number charts, puppets, etc

6. Cd for Pre schools: Deal in Cd’s which are rich in content suitable to pre schools. right from rhymes, stones to games and other activities, these Cd’s are assessed by us and then supplied to a pre school as we are very particular about the content that the child should be viewing and the spoken English